Everyday, A Chance To Feel Your Best

When Mizrahi Developments envisioned a fitness facility for residents of The One, we began by thinking about the location and the opportunity that the architecture of the tower would create. With sheer walls of glass and an interior space that is uninterrupted by structural pillars, the fitness area is unlike any other space in the city. And then there’s the fact that it overlooks the country’s busiest intersection. The possibilities were very exciting. On the 7th floor, facing north and east, the space offers a lively and entertaining panorama of city life through huge glass walls. You can watch people walking along the sidewalks and cars streaming down Yonge and Bloor. It’s a fun real-life screen to watch while you work out  – in between checking the news and other programs on entertainment devices.

Light steams in through the glass into the clean, modern space. It is not crowded with equipment squeezed in. And there are additional rooms for yoga, massage and a spinning studio. We wanted your workouts to be an event you look forward to every day, no matter what time suits you best. It should feel like your glass palace of well being. We understand how interiors can shape the way we feel, and that’s why we gave careful thought to how to ensure this fitness retreat is a place you will look forward to visiting.

Cycle Studio

Seven stories above the corner of the busiest intersection in Canada, you can participate in what’s been called “a cardio party on a bike” at a spinning studio. The fitness boutique features epic playlists and rock-star instructors who will take you on a ride to feeling fantastic. This corner space of sheer glass walls invites you to enhance your performance and start or end your day with a flourish.

Yoga Serenity

A yoga retreat should be just that – a place of serenity and simplicity – even when situated in the heart of the city. In fact, the hustle of the city makes it even more important. The design of the fitness facility includes quiet rooms where you can attend yoga classes or just follow your own practice as a way to unwind from the day or prepare for a new one.

Treatment Rooms

If you would like to book a massage, manicure, facial or other treatment, there are several private rooms that can be booked in the fitness facility. Our aim was to create a facility that accommodates all of your fitness, beauty and well being routines. There is nothing more perfect than the ability to organize all the appointments and any service you need right downstairs. If don’t want to go outside, you don’t have to. The One is about bringing the world to you.