Imagine An Oasis of Trees, Flowers and Grasses In The Sky. Toronto’s Green Living Room

If you have wondered how living in Canada’s tallest building at the country’s busiest intersection could be a way to enjoy an abundance of nature, you need to think no longer. One of the most inspired and beautiful aspects of The One is the care and thought that have gone into ensuring that the comfort of nature is incorporated into the design and residential experience. Life in the sky shouldn’t mean a denial of our need to enjoy and appreciate nature.  It should be grounded by an ability to enjoy the outdoors in ways that just haven’t been imagined – and offered – until now.  Mizrahi Developments and Foster + Partners are both driven by a love for nature and the environment, thinking of innovative ways through architectural structures and features that help to reconnect people to the beauty of the natural world.

At The One, the top of the 6-storey podium, 31 meters (approximately 102 feet) is a beautiful and lush garden terrace, designed by landscape architects with textural grasses, flowering trees and plants. It is a large space – close to 3,000 square meters (9,000 square feet) as big as an urban park – that is perfect for entertaining friends and family on a warm summer evening. It is heated all year round and has snow-melting capacity so you can enjoy it in the colder months.  And it also offers quiet corners for private moments to relax and read a book or have an intimate conversation with a friend. There are seating areas in the shade or in the sun, sheltered sections and a view to the wide expanse of Lake Ontario. With high design features, the garden terrace at The One is the city’s premiere green living room, a place to meet, a place to host a gathering, a place for quiet contemplation. Food from the restaurants in The One’s podium, each featuring the best international cuisine, can be delivered to the garden. It is fully serviced with staff, changing facilities, and bathrooms.