The Infinity Pool Is A Feat of Imaginative Genius.

You have seen infinity pools. They meet the horizon without a noticeable edge, seeming to extend forever. Mostly, they are built near a body of water so the illusion is that you’re swimming in an endless sea. Well, what if there was an infinity pool the entire length of the garden terrace on top of the podium of The One? It could look like it was spilling into the city even though of course it wouldn’t be. The backdrop of this serene, still pool would be skyscrapers and buildings, the complex puzzle of urban life. That interesting juxtaposition – a calming infinity pool against the density of North America’s fourth largest city – was irresistible to the romantic and imaginative team behind The One.

This is just one example of the directive to boldly imagine what is possible for an innovative, iconic tower at the country’s busiest intersection. We wanted people to talk about it for decades to come as the place that did what no others had done; as a place that dared to think beyond what is considered standard.

The infinity pool is positioned along the southern edge of the terrace. It is heated all year long so you can swim in warm water even as fluffy snowflakes fall if you want to. With changing rooms adjacent to the garden entry, guests and residents can arrive in their city clothes and change into cottage attire, if they choose, as they enter the outdoor environment. The idea is that people feel engaged in the city but apart from it. It’s like going to the cottage by taking an elevator. Poolside drinks at a bar and food is available. Food can also be delivered from any of the restaurants on Level Three in the podium.