City Slipstream

From The Airport to Home, All Underground With No Need For A Coat

Imagine how easy this will be. Your plane lands at Pearson International Airport or at the Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Island. The fast train from Pearson Airport arrives at Union Station. The shuttle from Billy Bishop brings passengers to Union as well. Hop on the subway north to Bloor Street, a mere 7 minute ride. Walk along the bright passageway to The One residence arrival. Take the elevator to the Sky Lobby. Perhaps you will stop for a drink in the bar. Then, you take an elevator to your home, perched in the sky. You sit for a moment on the bench that surrounds the glass walls, looking down to the street as if on the edge of a cliff. The city transforms under you, from the edge of Lake Ontario, inky in the near distance, to the streaming lights of cars, driving up and down Toronto’s arteries, fluid as a life force.

Few locations in the city offer this level of sublime connectivity, combined with the comfort and beauty of being in a midtown neighbourhood where a sense of ease takes over from the hustle of the deep downtown.

The One is an optimal location. From your home in the serenity of the sky, you can be downtown for a meeting in the financial core on Bay Street within minutes, all without going above ground. Major hospitals are easily accessed underground. You can slip south a few stops to attend an opera or a ballet at the Four Seasons Opera House or a concert at Roy Thomson Hall, avoiding the need to park your car. In the winter, during snowstorms when the rest of the city is snarled in clogged traffic, you can move with ease from point to point without having to wear a coat or boots. You just have to dress, and go.