A Charming 19th Heritage Neighbourhood Is Steps Away

The One is on an avenue of gleaming towers but a five minute walk from your doorstep will bring you into Yorkville, a quiet and charming neighbourhood that began life in the early part of the 19th century as a separate village. At that time, it was on the outskirts of the city. Brick homes were built with gingerbread trim on tree-lined streets. Churches and other community buildings of Victorian architecture soon followed. Today, Yorkville is a beloved heritage quarter right in the centre of the thriving global city of Toronto. A community of engaged citizens, who live and work in Yorkville, have helped preserve its charm and distinctive character.

In the warm months of the year, popular outdoor cafes teem with life.  Specialty boutiques for food, coffee, cigars, clothing, jewelry, stationary and esthetics cater to every interest. The Hazelton Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel are close by, catering to travelers from around the world. People who live nearby in Rosedale, the Annex and Forest Hill, the city’s most affluent and long established neighbourhoods, come to Yorkville for their daily shopping needs.