A New Breed of Builders Who Believe That Standards Are Meant To Be Surpassed

Mizrahi Developments is a proven leader in identifying mixed-use, commercial and residential opportunities and executing a vision for them to the highest international standards. With approximately 25 years of experience in real estate development and high-end building in North America, the private company, based in Toronto, Canada, has created an award-winning brand characterized by superior craftsmanship, bold vision, high attention to detail, innovation and a hands-on pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its business.

From the start, Mizrahi Developments has been structured to offer a difference. The only builder in Canada with international certifications such as the ISO9001, a process management system based in Switzerland, the company is committed to excellence that is not simply promised, but guaranteed through continuous monitoring and auditing by a third party. The ISO 9001 certification requires rigorous scrutiny of business practices and schedules, putting an emphasis on customer satisfaction; on-time, on-budget delivery; and productive relationships with trades and suppliers.

In addition to membership in building associations, Mizrahi Developments works to some of the world’s highest environmental and sustainability certifications as part of its commitment to remain abreast of the latest improvements in construction and smart building technologies.

Through its work in high-end urban neighbourhoods, the company has developed a valuable expertise in working with heritage considerations and zoning guidelines. Mizrahi Developments understands that a big part of its mission is to collaborate with municipal leaders and residents in the communities in which they build. The aim is to create projects that inspire community pride and reflect what people hope to see as the city grows and changes.

With its roots in luxury single dwelling homes in Toronto’s most valuable neighbourhoods, Mizrahi Developments has earned a reputation for surpassing expectations about the experience of the built environment, no matter what its use –  commercial, retail or residential. The ability to custom-build to a finely-articulated vision, often with complex, artisanal and technological features, has allowed the company to become the trusted builder of high-end retail brand environments as well as landmark developments that have an important significance to the communities involved.

Mizrahi Developments is a partnership built on values of excellence, integrity and responsibility. Led by Sam Mizrahi, the company is committed to building on its strong reputation and luxury brand with a variety of high-end, mixed-use projects around the world.