Our Passion Is About Knowing How Perfect Something Can Be

Mizrahi Developments thinks of luxury as an invitation to live an inspired and curious life, cosseted from the world in a layered cocoon but also aroused by the beauty and ingenuity of what is possible in architecture; in interior space and design; and in amenities.  Regardless of the scale of project, whether it’s a boutique midrise or the tallest building in Canada, Mizrahi Developments approaches luxury as “a unit of one.” It doesn’t matter how big or small a project is because we’re creating homes for individual people and in doing so, we focus on what will make that home in that building the best it can be for the people who live there.

The experience of luxury is the same as owning a treasured possession. You know it is right for you. It is what you have dreamed about owning. You weren’t sure you would find it, and then you do. And you don’t want anything else. The minute you cross the threshold, you feel at home.

The perfect home for each person is not a commodity that can be replicated in a thousand places. There’s something specific and particular about it – the location, the architecture, the view, the interior space – that together make it unlike anything else anywhere.

That could not be more true than at The One, the tallest building in Canada, designed by Foster + Partners, one of the most innovative architectural practices in the world. There are some things in life that only come along once. And this is one of them: an opportunity to live in a building that has been envisioned with a romantic sophistication unprecedented in Canada.