Sky Benches

The Glass Sanctuary

In the design process for The One, a key element became central to how the team would describe the space. As the walls are high and wide, great sheets of uninterrupted glass, the designers began to anticipate how that would feel to live in a space such as this. The city throbs with life on the other side of the glass. It feels so delicate, this glass sanctuary, insulating you from the noise and activity of the city. And on the inside, sitting next to the glass, perhaps leaning on it, you are blessed with solitude and a peacefulness of being in a beautifully ordered environment. It is two worlds, one inside, one outside, separated by a strong, transparent membrane.

To maximize that feeling, in many of the residences, the designers built in a sleek bench around the perimeter of the glass wall. Beautifully designed, it allows you to stretch out if you want, as if on the edge of a cliff, with the street far below, right underneath you.  There is intimacy in that space. You might read a book. A friend or family member may come to sit next to you for a conversation and a drink. And somehow, in that moment, on that bench, with the city falling beneath you on the other side of a clear wall, it feels as thought you’re not in a city at all, but somewhere out in nature, with the air and the clouds and the beauty surrounding you. This is your precious glass sanctuary in the heart of North America’s fourth largest city.