Be The First to See Tomorrow And The Last to See Yesterday

On top of the world, you can see forever. Or, as airline pilots like to say, “You can see for decades.” It’s as if time has evaporated and you can see into the future and the past, across the horizon lines, beyond where most venture.

When you live in the sky, in the highest tower in Canada, the views are simply unprecedented. You can see south to Lake Ontario and beyond it to the United States. You can east and west and north and south with roads stretched out before you, a sense of infinite possibility at your feet. A view provides solace.

Views are triggers for relaxation and contemplation; and sources of curiosity and conversation. They situate you, and they distance you.

Mizrahi Developments understands the psychology of views. That’s why we wanted to create glass cocoons that give you uninterrupted panoramas in all directions. This is your city. This is your life. Let it all stretch out in all its glory, coming to life like a magic carpet in the mornings and evenings.