Everything You Need, Ordered, Retrieved and Delivered At Your Command.

There is nothing too small or incidental that you can request. At The One, Mizrahi Developments has trained and installed a team of hospitality experts who optimize the convenience and resourcefulness of having a concierge service at your disposal. If you don’t know where to find what you’re looking for, they will. If you have arrived home from travel overseas and hope to get last minute tickets to an opera, play or ballet, our team will help. Perhaps you are planning time away from Toronto and need help organizing some anticipated deliveries of packages or dry cleaning. No problem, we will look after everything and deliver them to your residence. We will even organize for housekeeping, fresh linens, and a dinner to be delivered to your home on the night you arrive back. Anything you want, we can do. It is all part of the Mizrahi philosophy of customization, creating services and homes that cater to the way you want to live your life.

The One’s location at Yonge and Bloor means that everything is close at hand. We recognize that the choice to live in the heart of a thriving global hub means that you love all the things a city offers – in entertainment, culture, restaurants, and in shopping. Within minutes, one of the members of the concierge team can go out to get exactly what you need – something you may have forgotten for a dinner party, for example, or the pair of shoes you saw at a store but didn’t feel you would wear, until now.

Any time of day or night, we are here. We see it as our job to bring the city of Toronto to your sanctuary in the sky.