The Vision

There is Nowhere on
Earth Like The One

The One, piercing the sky and becoming Canada’s tallest building, is the culmination of an unstoppable passion to create something categorically different. After an exhaustive design process, involving hundreds of architectural iterations, Mizrahi and Foster + Partners devised a one-of-a-kind structure uniquely suited to this prime location. The innovative exoskeleton — a structural engineering feat never seen before in Canada — forms a new, striking icon for the city’s skyline.

At Mizrahi Developments there is no template for creating excellence

The One, a New Icon for Toronto’s Skyline

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Mizrahi Developments

“Standards are Meant
to Be Surpassed”

Sam Mizrahi
A Business Romantic & Proven Entrepreneur

Mizrahi Developments believes that to make a difference in the marketplace, you have to offer a difference. It’s as simple as that. Sam Mizrahi works to one belief: standards are meant to be surpassed. With a determination to exceed expectations, spanning 25 years in real estate development and high-end building in North America, this entrepreneur, based in Toronto, is now well-known for the superior craftsmanship of his projects, his boldness of vision as well as innovation in all aspects of his business.

By continually seeking out the latest in first-rate home technology, amenities, services and design, the company is at the cutting edge in offering the best customized luxury living. And by engaging the best architectural firms, the perfect solutions and built execution of the vision are achieved.

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Owner to Owner

A Personalized,
Accessible Approach

Cultivating personal relationships with the owners and understanding their own visions for how they want to live have always been a core part of the Mizrahi philosophy. No two residents are the same at The One. Within The Limited Collection, the sky is the only limit in terms of lifestyle and comfort. By seeking out the very best, constantly pushing the standards in the field and having a deep knowledge and love for the city, Sam Mizrahi has become a truly exceptional developer.

For Mizrahi Developments, creating Canada’s tallest building at Toronto’s famous intersection is not only a great responsibility but to the company founder, it is a deep honour. That keen sense of civic duty is reflected in the standard of amenities, quality of design and finishes as well as the all-round vision for The One.

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Art of Construction

The One is Canada’s first officially-recognized “super tall” building, shooting up from its prime midtown positioning. World renowned for their creative approach to design, architects Foster + Partners have devised an innovative structure that addresses the complexities of building a tower this high.

A multi-disciplinary team of structural engineers, construction experts, designers and architects worked together to find ways to carry the ‘stack effect’ of the structure while allowing for maximum pillar-free spaces on the interior.

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Foster + Partners

One of the Most Innovative
and Integrated Design
Practices In The World

Foster + Partners is an award-winning architecture firm that sits firmly within the canon of the world’s most successful and innovative contemporary designers. Technology, research and imagination have always driven the practice that rose to international renown with high-tech architecture in the 1970s.

Despite their fame for statement buildings, no signature style defines Foster + Partners. Innovation is their hallmark, the result of their researched commitment to delivering the best result for the location and the client.

With their characteristically innovative design, Foster + Partners have created a building that rises above the rest—literally and figuratively. With its beauty and visionary structure, it is worthy of commanding the skyline. The One is a landmark for Toronto and the world.

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“As an architect you design for the present, with an awarness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown.”

Norman Foster
Foster + Partners, Founder

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A Building that Rises Above the Rest

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A Building that Rises Above the Rest

World renowned for their creative approach to design, architects Foster + Partners have devised an innovative structure that addresses the complexities of building a tower this high.