Subway Nexus

Super Convenience At The Centre of Toronto’s  Subway Grid

Yonge and Bloor is the central nexus of Toronto. From this intersection, subway lines stretch east-west under Bloor Street and north-south under Yonge Street to the four corners of North America’s fourth largest city. The two major subway lines form the central infrastructure of the city’s underground system, linking passengers to other routes via streetcars, buses and additional subway lines.

To facilitate ease of traffic, The One development involves a massive underground excavation and construction with bright, airy passageways connecting to both the north-south and east-west subway lines.  In consultation and discussions with experts and city officials, Mizrahi Developments studied passenger traffic at this subway hub, calculating current numbers and projecting future ones, in order to create the best possible environment for passengers.

We approached it as an opportunity to create an underground city that is as comfortable and pleasant as the one above ground. Public art and high ceilings, bright lighting and wide passageways will transform the underground at Yonge and Bloor into a sleek and modern commuting plaza.