The Pleasure of The Streetscape

In support of the popular Bloor-Yorkville destination in Toronto, local business associations have invested over $20 million in enhancing the street environment with professional landscaping and environmental design of parklands, benches, curb-side planters and trees, bike racks and public art.  Flowers in planters and on lamp posts create a warm, friendly atmosphere, making you feel as though you’re in a small village with inhabitants who take pride in looking after their properties, sweeping the sidewalks and polishing the glass and metal finishings of their storefronts.

It is not just the outside pedestrian walkways that are enjoyable., however. There are indoor pedestrian environments that draw crowds because of their pleasant aesthetics.  Hazelton Lanes is a complex of boutiques, cafes, restaurants and public spaces that has recently undergone a major reconstruction that has helped create a renewed civic conviviality. Similarly, The One public and retail floors in the podium create an atmosphere of a relaxed enjoyment for everyone in Toronto to enjoy.

In the winter holiday months, lights and a Christmas tree light up the civic space in The One, much like Rockefeller Center in New York City. With widened sidewalks and a breath-taking public space, filled with art and beauty, it is our intention that The One will be a gathering place for all who come to experience the vitality and verve of Toronto.