The Formula Is Simple: The Right Project in the Right Location


Creating a memorable project that enhances the life of the city in a timeless fashion is a complex undertaking. It takes years of planning and execution as zoning, architectural and financing issues are ironed out. Then, the construction itself takes years to complete. But at the beginning of a project, before any deals are struck or contracts signed, there are two simple criteria that Mizrahi Developments thinks about.  They are closely intertwined; and they are what makes magic happen.

The first is location. We research cities and real estate very carefully in order to understand what people want in their residences and what retail needs to be successful. We study trends and the growth of neighbourhoods. It is crucial that a project be well located in a neighbourhood that is walkable, close to shops, cafes, entertainment and transportation. The ability to anticipate which neighborhoods are under-developed or up-and-coming is part of the knowledge that we have gained.

Once the location is decided upon, the next – and perhaps most important stage – is the dedication to finding the right vision for it. Each location is specific. What works in one place may not work in another.  And there are some locations that simply call out for a certain type of development; that deserve something unprecedented in order to do justice to where it will sit in the city.

That is the case with THE ONE. A tower on the south west corner of the most important intersection in Canada, one that is integral to the identity of Toronto, demanded an iconic architecture that spoke of confidence, beauty and power. When this important location was acquired, the process to finalize the design of the tallest building in Canada took over two years. We had the opportunity to create a tower that would help articulate the personality and drive of Toronto. That was a responsibility we took very seriously.