Soak and The City

If you’re a bath person, you have found your bath heaven.

A bathroom is a place of transition. It is where you wash off the day and prepare for the evening. It is also where some wash off the night and start the day. Some bath addicts even break up the day with a soak at midday. In honour of the bathroom as your place to start and finish days, as your transitional space between the private you and the public you, Foster + Partners, in concert with Mizrahi Developments, imagined gorgeous retreats with the city spread out before you.

A bath sits in front of a wall of glass. You are naked to the anonymity of the city. No one can see you, but you can watch over it as it comes to life in the morning or evening, the lights of cars streaming up the avenues, the lake in the distance, calm as a prayer.

The bathrooms have marble flooring and countertops, Kohler fixtures and a luxurious atmosphere, floating among the clouds.