416 Sleek Palaces On Air

In honour of Toronto, the city that knows how to live and which routinely ranks high in surveys of the world’s best places to live, Mizrahi Developments decided to have a little fun. The number of suites in The One is the same as Toronto’s telephone area code: 416. We see The One as a testament to the energy and vivaciousness of Toronto, a building that sets a new benchmark for design and ingenuity and invites everyone in Toronto, resident or visitor, inside to enjoy what it has to offer.

With wide glass walls and ceiling heights between 9 and 11 feet, your home is unlike any other in the city. The huge shimmering bronze trusses that support the building on the outside appear in each home at a different angle across the glass windows as they climb up the tower. The bronze super columns become part of the astonishing design features of your home as you sit by the wide expanse of glass, in a chair, sipping scotch, watching the sun go down.